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Video Transcript

Okay. So, how do the legs work in the modern game of golf? Well, what happens is that when you take the club back, the right leg resists and we have a coil and from there right leg will then drive us down and through the ball. That’s what basically happens. But let’s start at the starting point. We’re talking about senior golfers and I’m included in that, so we can’t just stand there and think about sort of resisting the right leg. We got to have some sort of flexibility, some sort of movement here because as we get older we’ve got less mobility, so what we need to do is focus on something that maybe you’re not working on and that the left knee.

If I set you set up to the ball and just as you take the club back move that knee ever so slightly behind that ball because to start with it’s here and as I take the club back, the knees move back, you can see that my hips are starting to shift, they’re starting to turn, the trunk and my shoulders, everything is just starting to turn and all we had was one thought, one thought and that was right knee. When the club goes, you go with it and by doing that you can see what’s actually happening here. We’ve already got this leg straight, this foot straight on and that leg turned out and that builds up the resistance, but really, as a senior golfer, we shouldn’t be working so much on resistance, we should be working on this part here, this left knee.

This left knee will actually give you that movement, that turn from here. From here, the right legs will dive you down and through and that is a good simple way of actually getting the best sort of turn that we can possibly do, but if you do struggle slightly with your mobility or, you know, you’ve got a bad back or something, this is the only time that you actually hear me say this, it may well be a helpful tip to actually say to you, when you take the club back, let your left heel just lift slightly off the ground and by letting that left heel just lift ever so slightly, we’re not talking about, like, having stiletto shoes on, but just let that left heel lift off the ground and it just gives you bit more sort of mobility, a little bit more sort of movement.

Remember, you know, when I was 18 years of age, we could stand there, we could get that coil, we could resist, we could get back into it, we could hit down and through, we could bend the back, we could do all that, but when we get older we can’t do the same things, so what we have to do is adapt. So, here, remember the tip. Over the ball, move the left knee. It’s that simple. Everything else is now in autopilot and from that just hit that golf ball. Follow my lead.