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Video Transcript

Okay. I’m going to talk to you about body balance and the importance of body balance and try and keep it quite simple here. And by getting good body balance you should gain the swing results. First of all from two angles, let’s look from behind. The best balance over the ball would be standing up vertically bending from the waist, so my back is now positioned slightly an angle forward moving forward, and from here just flex my knees. So you can see my body weight is now down the front, so my balance is predominantly forward, so I’m not stout like here on my heels, standing up, I’m just bending at an angle, sitting with my knees and then I’ve got my arms hanging straight down from my shoulders. So this is good balance over the ball.

When we talk about looking head on, imagine that same position we just shown you from behind now we are head on. We want to talk about what we actually do with the balance, what do we do with this weight? So if it starts off the weight is 50:50, so we got a nice perfect balance here between both legs. As we swing the club back pushing away with the left arm, the left forearm and hand and shoulder, so we push back, the hips will turn, as we go back here, you could see my body weight has moved over to the right hand side. So as an ideal sort of figure, we are looking at the 55, 60:40 sort of position here where the weight is now back. This is very important, because as we start to pull the club back down to the ball, the weight then starts to transfer back leading down with the toes, the knees and the thigh driving into the ball where impact the weight is now where it started.

As we hit that ball the weight continues its journey through until we finish up with the left hand side. You could see the balance; this is important, very, very important to get the sort of feelings. This position here, back to the ball and then through, but just in case you’re thinking well, it’s a bit complicated and I haven’t got time to go out and have the pros down there with me. A really, really good tip to get this right will be to set up, put the ball in between your feet, put your feet together in your knees, take the same set because that’s what we’ve been talking about and if you’ve got good balance, you should be able to swing the club back here and forward and I’ve lost no balance whatsoever. But had I for example got to the top then move my body weight too far forward that would have resulted in this happening back and then, and the body weight will go. It’s not me tying to put that on, if you try that yourselves, you’ll see you can’t kid, you can’t cheat our system, it’s very, very simple. And more importantly you don’t actually need somebody standing there next to you to watch this. So next time you go out, good body balance will improve those results and this tip really is going to be the one that best tips that I’ve ever come across. Put into good practice and see what results you can get.