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Video Transcript

Now here is a great little game called end zone. When you're practicing your putting distance control is important; we can't stress that too much, but also we want to get the ball past the hole. If I'm going to make these putts from this distance I want to try and get the ball past the hole, so rather than having you focus on an exact point being the hole I want you to just focus on getting the ball into the end zone. I've laid out some cone so you can see this clearly marked but for yourself you just do with a couple of tee pegs. Tee peg here, tee peg here, we're looking around about 4 feet across and they're around about 4 feet deep as well with some tee pegs in the back corners as well to mark out the end zone.

Then actually when you're taking these putts I wouldn't mind if you took your mind off the flag for the time being and just focused on hitting the ball into the end zone. And you'll actually find that you'll probably hole or get close to holing quite a few of the putts actually by focusing on hitting into the end zone. I kind of wish and I took the flag out now those two would have got in. But I've got the flag in so it's easy for you guys to see where the hole is. That's another great putt gone past the hole into the end zone. And again as I get further and further away these are like 3 feet apart each one of these holes trying to push the ball into the end zone just about scored the touchdown there I just rolled past the end zone. And again with that last one trying to hit the ball hard enough that it goes up and into the end zone tries not to celebrate too much. As we get that ball going further and further away from the hole our focus is not holing it, putting it in the end zone. When you go out on the golf course imagine where the end zone is just behind the hole and then rather than focus on getting the ball straight in the hole every time push the ball into the end zone and a good number of them will start hitting the flag and start going in.

Use the end zone game to help me with your distance control. Five balls 3 feet apart each starting from about 10 foot away. If you miss the end zone, reset it up, do the same game again. Fantastic distance control with that game.