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Video Transcript

What we want to talk about here is how you gain more power from the back leg position. Most people try and gain more power though longer backswing, trying to hit it harder, but, of course, not much more control in those of positions. The back leg is the key. Let me show you why. When we’re over the ball, quite often, this back leg tends of kind of buckle. It tends to go like that. And as it buckles you can see my legs have moved. It is called a sway. It is very, very common and I’m only showing you this because the chances are that you’re much probably doing this. It’s very, very common. People sway off the ball as they try and get a little bit more power back here than trying to hit that ball and you can just imagine with my body moving left and right, right and left, the consistency of the back of the ball is going to be very, very sort of hit and miss, so it’s not what you want to do and I’m sure now that I made you aware of it, if you look into a mirror and just take the club back and you see the weight shifting over in the outside and having this leg buckling, you know that you’ve not got the position that we’re trying to strive for.

So, this back leg position. What we want you to do when you take the club back is just focus on turning the hips and trying to keep to flexing this right knee, very, very important. You’re trying to build for resistance in this backswing, because the backswing is all about coil, winding yourself up, we’ve got resistance and that resistance here from here will release back to that ball. Resist and back to that ball. So, when you go back, concentrate on keeping that right knee slightly flexed, have your foot head on to the ball, parallel, head on rather and turn that left foot slightly out. That will encourage you to actually get a bit more resistance in that right leg. See the resistance here.

There’s the hip going from 45 degrees, you don’t have to worry about that, just from there to the club back and that’s what you want to do, is keep that flexed, keep that flexed there. You’ve got a coil, you’ve got energy, you’re storing power and then from here we want the club and the hands and the leg to come back to the ball together, so they’re now driving back into the ball, so store the energy on your backswing, resist with the right knee, keep that flexed, remember don’t straighten the leg, keep that knee flexed and from here try and get that knee, the hands and the club back to the ball together and from here this ball happens. So, back and there we go. A nice driven golf shot with that knee, that club and all getting back to that ball together. Very simple technique. Go and work on it.