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Okay what we are going to talk about here is how to achieve your best shots from about hundred yards in. So imagine, you have done a lot of work going over the fairway, you have got hundreds yards you are faced with, what club should we select. Well, some of you must probably think, well I have normally played my 7-iron, my 8-iron, whatever it may be. But at the end of the day, what I would say to you is well, rather than have one club and try to manufacture three different swings, because we are senior golfers.

And maybe we get out once a week or twice a week, rather than going down the avenue, maybe it might be easier and other option is to look at say here is my 9-iron, here is my pitching wedge, here is my sand wedge. So you might think, what's the importance. Well, very simply, first of all we are talking about 100 yards. So let's just say a 9-iron, we have got a three-quarter swing coming back to the ball is 100 yards. So you could in theory get the 9-iron and go half swing and shorten it and won’t it be easier then to then go to the pitching wedge, the next club down from the 9-iron and say right, if I set up with this and I go back the same swing which is a three-quarter backswing, which is the maximum that we talk about for these sort of shots.

And if you went back into this position here and you hit the shot, I can guarantee now that the distance that this would hit would be less than the 9-iron and so one with the sand wedge. So you are on the golf course and you might think, well that's, so this sounds too easy. Well, it is easy, but you have got to do some work on the practice ground. And you can't just go in the golf course and expect this to happen and as pros, we do this up in a little booklet, we go to the practice ground, we get the different clubs and we see with the three quarter swing, how far the 9, the wedge, the sand wedge will go.

We then swing it half with 9, wedge and sand wedge to see how far it goes. And really this is what you need to do is to look at those three clubs. If a three-quarter 9-iron, goes XYZ and then you do a half swing, and then do with the pitch and do the sand and straightaway, in a – not straightaway but in a very short period of time, you are going to find yourself with a little booklet which is taking you arguably 20 minutes, 25 minutes to actually produce 9, pitch and sand wedge, a three-quarter swing, half swing, distance, distance all the way down, these three clubs, it is that simple.

So the next time you're on the golf course, maybe you haven't got a choice of one club anymore, maybe you have got a choice of three clubs. Now isn't that better to have a choice of three clubs to play that golf shot, but remember, the practice ground is where you got to work on it. Pick the length of the swing, there is a half swing, there is a three-quarter swing and that’s it. And that's what I want you to do and from there, you have got the game, you have got the knowledge and more importantly, you have got the choice of three clubs to play that shot from a hundred yards into the green. It makes the game of golf a lot easier.