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So how can you tell if the clubface is square at the top of your back swing? Well, the first thing is you don’t want to be looking at the top of your back swing, but you want to be away of where it should be, so let me demonstrate. When you set up the golf ball you swing the club back, if I were to set the golf back and get into position like this; you can see that the back of the left arm, the left hand and the club are already parallel with each other. So that is the square position. So let’s change the position. If I get myself into a position like this, this is an open position, okay? The key here is the back of the left hand, this is how I coach. So that’s open that’s square and that’s closed, so if you actually think about a clubface, if I get up to 12:00, the clubface is open, if I get to quarter past, the clubface is closed, so the clubface is facing the sky, the clubface is here with the top post to the ground and the perfect position is when it is half way between the two markers which is here. Now you might have think, okay I will take you with that, but I want a bit more evidence? Very, very simple, very – very simple tip, so let’s take it back, don’t take my word for this, you go and try this.

So I'm going to set myself up and I'm going to swing the clubface but now which is closed now remember the clubface, where it was? So I take it myself top, I swing the club back like this and I said to you this is closed. So how would I know that’s closed? If I take the club back into this position here, if I turn my body back round here and drop the club back down, the club is facing the closed position. If I; were to take the clubface back and swing the club up like this, open and as I turn my body like that, so I'm back head on and drop the club back down, the clubface is open.

Now before you say oh I have moved the club, I can sure you I haven’t, I haven’t moved the club at all, but very, very simple at the top of the back swing, the clubface, the shaft and the arm should be in one piece, it should be the same angle all the way up as you can see. And that’s where I need you to get yourself into and that’s where the focus. I'm showing you the other two things because the most common swing out there is this, and that’s an open position. The most golfers tend to hit the ball from left to right, so that’s the open position. So now you know what you are looking for, everything should be nice and parallel with the shaft and the clubface at the top of the back swing from your left arm and that’s how you know if you are actually in a square position at the top of your back swing.