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When watching the top tour professionals, it's very obvious to see and it’s very clear to notice that they create a lot of lag within the golf swing which leads a lot of amateurs to think how can they create a lag within the golf swing as well. A lag is something which is very important, but it's also something that you can get a little bit carried away with and it can also cause bad shots if you don't do it correctly. As an overview what a lag is referred to is as the backswing moves upwards the hinge between the wrists and the forearm begins to increase until we get about a ninety degree angle between the forearms and the shaft. That hinging upwards carries on until the top of the back swing. A lag is the ability to maintain that amount of wrist hinge for as long as possible during the downswing.

What we're going to speak about is how you can maintain that lag successfully, and not let it translate into bad shots if you're trying to do it too hard. It is something that you see with so many good professionals. It's something that you see with players who hit the ball a long way. It is something which is valuable to have within your own game but we need to make sure that you're doing it correctly. And that is what we're going to cover within these next few videos.