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Video Transcript

The question how can I stop an arms only swing? Well, that’s really to get connected by keeping your hands inline with your chest. So, first of all, let’s explain what an arms only swing is. If I set myself up to the ball and I keep my body quite still, and I just swing my arms, the arms go up, arms come through. You can see I’m very, very restricted. There’s no movement in the body. So, this is an arms only swing. So, its keep themselves in position with the body maybe keeping the head down too much and you just swing the club up and then hit down. And invariably what that would do is decrease the distance tremendously about how far you can hit the ball, and what tends to happen from that because you’re swinging it up and down. The tendency of that is kind of hit the ground behind the ball or the top half. So, that’s an arms only swing.

So, we’re going to try and keep everything connected. So, how do we do it? If I set myself up to the ball and I concentrate on keeping the hands inline with my chest, and I set right. From here, just turn the body. So, from here I’m going to turn the body through 90 degrees here, and I want to try and keep the hands inline with the chest. This would happen from here. So, I’ve turned my body. My hands have gone with me. Remember before the body stayed still, the arms went straight up. So, from here, we now want to coordinate a movement where we turn.

There are lots and lots of ways of actually doing this and lots of ways of putting it over. I think one of the easiest ways to set ourselves up in getting rid of an arms only swing will be to set you right. Set yourself up. Remember before the body wasn’t doing anything, so let’s do something. If I set you – set yourself up and turn your back to the target, you might hopefully interpret that as this. Turn your back to the target. If you turn your back to the target, you can see that the body is obviously doing what it wasn’t doing before. It’s actually just turning quite easily. So, from here to the back of the target and as we hit the golf ball, back target and the body comes through. It’s almost like just firing yourself up. It’s like a spring loaded mechanism. Okay.

So, from there, I’ve turned my back to the target and from there, I’ve run myself and it’s almost like spring loaded from here, and I find myself through. Remember, the question was about this arms only swing hopefully will give you a very simple tip. It’s really one of these things I would say you should go and work with your PJ professional at your golf club or driving range to have a one to one. I’ve given you a very, very simple idea of how to get out of this without being too technical. Remember we are senior golfers. We’re not these 18 year olds coming along. We’re senior golfers and we’ve got to try and keep things as simple as possible. So, if you want to get that feeling, put a club across your chest and then from here, just turn the shoulders to 90 degrees. Now, if you can imagine doing that, your arms only swing is completely gone because the hands and the arms are actually rotating with the trunk of the body going through. So, hopefully, nothing complicated with that. And that’s how you get rid off an arms only swing. Put it into practice and if you struggle, go and see your pro there. Enjoy.