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So you'll often hear me talk about creating a wide takeaway in your golf swing and that's the feeling that from a good address position, you take the golf nice and wide on the way back and that's certainly a good thing you should do getting a wide broad takeaway can generate some power. But then we don't actually need a wide downswing necessarily. We certainly don't want to take it as wide on the way down because that would actually diminish a clubhead lag. Now a lag is storing up for power to release it at the last minute.

So here's a good little exercise to make sure that you're creating plenty of clubhead lag in your downswing. What I'm going to do here is just turn to the side. I've the wall behind me and you need to find a wall or something that you can use to hit up against. I can set myself just away from the wall so that when I take the club back, it's just two inches away from the back of the wall with my normal wide takeaway. So it's a good setup, turn back and I'm just an inch or two away from the wall. I then turn to the top and pull down, have a check against the wall, I'm now miles away from the wall and I'm a long way away from the wall for two reasons. I'm moving my body away into my left-hand side, but I'm also pulling my arms and then creating clubhead lag. So if I get to the wall there and then I stay back and extend my arms, I get back to the wall. I haven’t created any lag. To feel that you're near to the wall there and then the club is a long way away from the wall at that point. So just on the angle here, I get near the wall there to the top pull down, miles away from the wall and creating that lag, that feeling of having a wall here and confined space and moving away from it. That's a great way of getting on top of the ball for a better quality of strike, creating lag for more power, maybe even a more penetrating lower-flying shot with your short times with a tighter impact position. So create plenty of golf club head lag to improve your ball striking and your distance and that's a great exercise to help you out with that.