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All right, what we are going to talk about is the acceleration on the way down. Just imagine there is so many possibilities, some people get to the top and accelerate from the top and by the time they get back to the ball, the club has decelerated. So the power is going to transform yourself into less distance. So how do we actually get this acceleration, where should it start from. Well, ideally the acceleration should be starting from this point here, not here, if we start the acceleration from the top, what's going to happen is that, the club is going to be thrown out. And we are going to lose lots of control and more importantly, again we decelerate.

So over the ball, push the club back and we have to concentrate on getting the club to here. When the club gets to here, then we accelerate, we release the hands, that’s the secret of acceleration, maximum distance with the least amount of effort. So okay, here you say, most probably, well that's good that I am with you there, because you are the Pro and I am going to help you out. But, so you are on your own, and it's a very, very simple drill, it’s called the swoosh drill. So we just get a club, put the clubhead in your hand and if you just swing that club back, you can actually hear the sound of that club is just swooshing through the air.

So if you are here from the top of the backswing, the hit, you can hear that swoosh is here, and that swoosh we needed to come into here from this point here to this point there. This is the area where we want you to come in and get that sound. So time it, think about it there, get to here and think right, there you go. That's the energy, where do you want the energy, into the hitting area. Where is the hitting area, it’s this point here, there is the hitting area. Let's not waste it here at the top like most golfers do, over the ball, back, and you can hear that sound at the bottom. A very, very simple drill, it teaches you where the acceleration should be, builds up your confidence.

And it stops you more importantly from doing what most golfers do, hitting from the top of the backswing, a simple drill. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one and you should see the benefits pretty quickly.