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Video Transcript

How can I be more consistent with my swing? Well the answer is get the fundamentals right. So fundamentals what are they? Well first of all let’s break things down. The first thing we need to do is to set ourselves for the golf ball. So to set ourselves up properly we need to stand behind, look at our target. We need to pick something ideally just in front of the ball and put our club face down, that’s number one. We then put the grip on with the left hand on the top a slight V going between my chin and my right shoulder and then put my right hand on to the club.

Now this is a 7 iron I’ve got so I’m going to separate my feet so the ball position is in the middle and the width of my feet are going to be approximately the width of my shoulders. From there I’m now going to basically push my bottom out and a slight knee flex so my back bone is in a nice 45 degree angle. So first of all to get that consistency I need to get that set up right so that’s number one. Number two is the backswing because the first one we do is our backswing. To get that backswing right get yourself set up and I want you to concentrate on pushing your weight with your left arm and your left shoulder.

Then you should take the club back I want you to turn your shoulders through 90 degrees so push away with your left arm and you can see the shoulder in 90 degrees. Now because we are senior golfers you might feel difficult, you might feel I can’t quite get there. It’s not an issue it’s not a problem you know you can get yourself doing the same movement where you actually turn your shoulders and you get to maybe 75 degrees, 80 degrees that’s fine. Just find what is comfortable with yourself what I don’t want you to do is think I’ve got to do 90 degrees and then when you pull your back you get some sort of injury.

So think about it we’ve got the set so we’ve got this backswing. Once we’ve got the backswing, the downswing what we’ve got to do is just focus from here, my thought to a senior golfers will be to concentrate on hitting down and through and getting the weight back onto the left hand side. So from here we’ve got the club back let’s transfer the weight forward and get the weight on to this left hand side. And when you put that weight in that left hand side I want you to focus on the finish and I want you to have a solid finish. So you might think, “What is a solid finish?” When I go through that ball and I’m finishing on that left hand side and I’ve got my weight balance here rather than going through and maybe just losing my balance.

So there are a few factors, one of the factors I want you to focus on is the rhythm of the swing and a good way of doing this is to kind of count to three. So if I said to you do your backswing one, two, three and four would be where you hit the ball. So if I went here one, two, three, four and you can see where number four is coming right up the base so from here one two three four. So you’ve got all the factors there to actually help yourself hit more consistent golf shots. Just take things in stages, don’t try and run to tip number three or four. Do the things in the right order, the set up, your backswing the downswing, the solid finish and then last of all the rhythm. Pull those things into place and consistent golf shots should be coming more in you favor than ever before.