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Okay. What is a connected golf swing. A connected swing is basically when you swing the club back and it’s your bigger muscles doing the work for you so we’re talking about the trunk of the body, the shoulders, the arms, the shoulders, we just take the club back. So if I focus on this area, not my legs I mean from here take it back, everything is actually going to together so from here everything is going back, I'm working the bigger muscles, the core. That works on a connected swing. Now you might think, now I want and try get that feeling of that but I'm not sure how to interpret what you're actually saying because when you look at it, people get over the board so they swing the club back and their hands they're going and so on and so forth. A connected golf swing is when we work the big muscle.

So the small muscles or the hands, we don’t want that to happen, we want the arms and the shoulders. So as we take the club back, we’ve got a real good width from the swing, so from here I just push away my left arm, and I turn my trunk, so I get into a position. Its building a feeling of what a connected swing is. A simple tip to sort of try and create this is imagine there was a tee peg here where the ball at the same level as where I'm actually gripping at chest high. So from here if I said to you right, just stand there now and just swing the club away as if you had a base ball bat in your hand you would go, and swing the club back like this. And as you see what happened there all that is happening is the big muscles there's no hand out as you can see, I’ll have to then turn my body, and I've come back to the same point.

So a connected golf swing is one where we work this part of the body more than anything else from the hips up and that basically is the core that connects a swing, that actually works and motors the swing. So a connected swing is the bigger muscles and a simple exercise would be to either do as I've just shown you here, I'm actually you know, I brought the tee peg up so your hands are in front of you, from here swing it back, you see how everything goes and as you come back go through. So you can see it building up the feeling. Another good way would be to put maybe a towel underneath your arm pits and as you go back if you didn’t have a connected swing then you would tend to go -- and all of a sudden you see what has happened instead of working the connected swing where the body is moving the arms will take the club up and the head covers would drop.

So two simple drills there to give you that feeling of what a connected swing is, but remember a connected swing is the bigger muscles and they take the club back and keeps it nice and simple. One movement going back, one movement going forward. Hopefully you're a little bit clearer on connected golf swing.