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Video Transcript

Most golfers when you ask them what they want to do with the golf ball, ‘I want to hit it a long way, I want to try and get that ball really far out and then drive the ball a long way.’ A lot of big powerful guys don’t hit the ball as far as they should because they don’t know how to create the power. It seems obvious to a lot of golfers they just pick the golf club up and use what they normally use, they use their hands and their arms. If they want to pick up a hammer and hit something, they pick it up and whack with their hand and their arm, that’s not the case in golf. We want to use the body, we want to use the big muscles to create the power. One of the things that a lot of people miss out on power during their backswing is they’re not accurately coiling up their body correctly. They’re swinging their hands and their arms but they’re not using their big muscles in the right way, this is a great exercise to make sure your turning your body correctly using my tour sticks again.

I set up firstly with the stick on the floor here and my noble ball position so let’s pretend I’ve got a six sign I’m going to play the toss that just left of centre, the ball would just be slightly in front of centre for the right handed golfer. And then take the second stick and I cross my arms and hold it against my chest so just at the base of my shoulders across the front of my chest and I want to make sure that I accurately turn the club or turn the shoulders back so I turn it round this way and create a nice big full backswing turn. So if I can get the feeling of pointing this end of the stick down at the stick on the floor I want to turn that back and create a nice, big, full backswing turn and on the opposite of that turn the other end of the stick around and through and point that one down at the floor, this stick points towards where the ball would be as well.

If I make the same set up but then don’t turn my shoulders enough you can see that the club or the stick doesn’t point back enough so I turn the left a bit more to get around. Now depending on your flexibility that might feel quite tight if you’re not used to doing this and your swing has always been a bit short of the 90 degree shoulder rotation, it might feel quite a big turn to get you around. One thing we want to make sure you don’t do too much of it, don’t use your legs to gain the flexibility. We don’t really want to see the right knee locking and the left knee bending in order to get this golf club around.

We want to turn and turn and turn using the shoulder rotation creating more coil tension when you do this is not a bad thing because tension is like loading up the elastic band. That when you let that elastic band go you’re really going to spring back through the golf ball with a lot of force. So it’s a tour stick across your shoulders, tour stick on the ground, turn nice and hard get this stick to point behind the stick on the floor, release that power as you come through turning through to a nice full finish. If you can use your shoulder rotation better during your golf swing, you don’t have to do so much work with your hands and your arms and you generate more power for longer straight to golf shots.