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Video Transcript

So how can your big muscles control the golf swing. Well let’s talk about what those big muscles are. So when we go to set up to the golf ball, the big muscles are looking at the hips, looking at the chest, looking at the shoulders, and we’re looking at the legs. So we’re look at anywhere from legs, hips, trunk and shoulders. Those are your big muscles and this is what’s going to basically help you to hit that ball as far as you can with the least amount of effort. So remember those words and as far as you can as least effort as possible.

So when you go back, the easiest thing to do to get all these components working for you is a little bit lining up all the dominoes and if the first domino is lined up and you tap it they all go together. That first domino is this, your left knee. If I set up, and I do what you most probably do, you swing the club back like this, watch this leg here. You only do that in which case you're not turning your hips not turn those legs but turn the big muscles or you go the opposite way. So either way you're not doing what you're meant to do. If I said to you now look, from here let’s move this left knee which is facing this point here to a point behind the ball, watch what happens with my hips this time, the big muscles, remember the legs, the hips, the shoulders and the trunk; watch this, this time, I'm just going to move my knee cap to the right; watch this now. Look what happened, look at the legs, look at the hips, look at the trunk, look at the shoulders, all those big muscles are now winding themselves us together and now we’re in a very, very good position to get back to the ball.

So how do we get back to the ball? Don’t think about it. What do you mean don’t think about – if you get yourself into this position here all you’ve got to do is bring the club back down to hit the ball. You might think it can't be as easy as that. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible. So watch this. I'm going to set myself up to the ball watch my left knee and watch what happens on the way down with this leg. These legs are acting now as pistons. I go back the left knee pumps to the right and as I hit the ball watch what happens, it’s like a mirror image. If I set myself up, watch my left knee. So from here, so my left knee… wow. That’s supposed to be the best shot today. My right leg is coming through, my waist coming through, just no effort at all. No effort and all I did, that’s the first domino. Everything else is gone, all those big muscles then from here as I bring the club back down, the weight naturally transfers through.

It’s a very, very simple tip, go away and practice it but honestly go out there and have someone film you first of all with your normal swing, I bet you're doing either one, nothing or two the sway; the dreaded sway and then from that just think about what I have said to, you; from here just move the knee and everything else works and believe me to get shots like that it’s much more within your actual grasp, it’s easier and the swing will feel effortless and that’s what we’re going to try and make the golf be, more effortless, more enjoyable, so what are you waiting for? Pick up that club, get down to the driving range and just put into practice what we have shown you.