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So, can by changing your swing path, alter the way that your golf shots fly on line? Well the simple answer is yes. But why would you want to change that swing path? Well let’s give you a couple of examples. If you find yourself consistently setting up to the target, and you find that you are hitting the ball, to the left hand side, it’s quite possible that your swing path is actually following the direction the ball is going. So I’ve got this line of the golf balls going out to the right, and if you were to swing, which is a very, very common fault, what we call our side by swinging the club in that direction out, then the club will tend to come in, and the ball will start its journey to the left hand side. It may stay to the left, in which case it’s a pull, but it might go left and start snaking to the right, in which case you slice the ball, and of course vice versa.

If you actually set yourself up, and the club face went too much on the inside, then from here the ball will start at a different direction heading straight to the right a push, or a right to a left a hook. So you might want to change that swing path if you are finding yourself not hitting the ball correctly straight in the right direction. And here’s this very simple exercise. By putting the rubber balls, putting it as a V on the inside and outside in setting up. If I said to you set yourself here and take the club back in between the two lines, and don’t worry if it’s not precise. But from here from there to the club straight back, I’m in a much much better position. Remember, we started up by saying if you hit the ball straight left, or from left to right, the chances are, you’re swing the club outside through in.

Remember, the number one fault in golf is swinging he club out to in, because most golfers slice the ball. So if you need to change your swing path because of the direction that your ball is going, this way we’ll grove a simple direction, a simple swing. Or you could actually take these balls out, and then put a couple of sticks down and then basically just set yourself up and concentrate on bringing stick in closer and closer to the other stick setting yourself up and again just focusing on bringing the club back on this slight curve as we go back just tracking slightly on the inside there. So there's a very, very simple way of finding out what – if my swing path was wrong, where would the ball go, but more importantly, where should my swing path go. As a couple of sort of exercises there that should put you back on the right track. If you find yourself still strolling after this simple, simple sort of technique, sort of practice device to put yourself back on track, then go and see your local pro, he will make sure he’s back on track with you sooner other than later.