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Video Transcript

So how can you develop the low maintenance golf swing? Well, think about what the wording is, ‘Low maintenance,’ so basically we can try and keep things simple, so as to keep the fundamentals simple and the movements simple that hopefully that will be a low maintenance. So the more things are going on, the higher maintenance, the higher; the problems. So let’s talk about what you should be doing. When you are setting up to the golf post ball, I’ve got a fore in my hands so I'm going the ball slightly inside my left foot, clubface on line I’ve got my grip and I’ve got my set up.

From here let’s talk about low maintenance swing. Low maintenance for me is both the way you use the core of the body so you look – you are thinking about the trunk, thinking about the shoulder and the arm and as you go back, is this part of the body that is actually turning so from here if I actually set to your right, watch this part of my trunk and my shoulder and they all goes back together, you can see that is – everything is moving, there’s no part of the golf swing where – lets reverse where I’m over the ball and I go hips are going one way, hands are going the other way, it looks complicated – it is complicated. So low maintenance, is keeping things simple. So we are talking about the core of the body. So when you swing the club by, you should concentrate on not trying to move your legs all over the place, but concentrate from this part upstairs. So from here, I put the club across my shoulder and say turn the trunk, just focus on turning the trunk, how simple is that? Just focus on a simple thing, yes there are over components, but if you think about one thought, then everything else has got a greater chance of actually falling into place.

So when you are over that ball think about it, the club goes back with your left arm, the left arm pushes the club back and the hips turn the core and the shoulders, if I go back turn, everything goes back together. So hopefully that looks one piece. So not – that’s what actually going on, its low maintenance; I'm in control of my swing. If I'm in control of my back swing, then surely I’ve got a great chance of actually getting back to the ball, to the position that I started in which case in theory, the golf shot should go where I want it to go.

So a low maintenance swings is all about building your fundamentals, building up a good set up, but remember the key to low maintenance is less movement. Not so many things going on, it’s all to do with the trunk, the core the big muscles basically, so from here if I swing the club back, turn and hit the shot. So we are just working on turning that top half of that body and that’s the best way of actually putting on some fundamentals you want to keep things very, very simple so concentrate on just turning that core of the body. That’s the best way of keeping a nice easy maintenance golf swing.