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Video Transcript

Okay, we’re going to talk about the Gate Drill, it’s much probably one of the most used sort of drills that you can do within putting, it’s all about getting this putting stroke correct so on the same – on the same swing pack going back as forward. So what we’re trying to do here is we’re putting a ball in the middle and we’re trying to create a Gate. So we’re not going to give ourselves all the space, we’re going to bring these gates in, bring it nice and narrow, but not so narrow that you might just catch it without actually going off track. So there we go I’ve got this Gate and the whole idea of this, is that as you can imagine an ideal world your swing will go straight back and straight through. But the reality on the putting green is quite often we actually accidentally go out sit in, in which case the ball goes left, the clubface is aiming that way or sometimes we go in to out as the clubface is aiming that way we push the ball. So in an ideal world, we’d like to think our swings are perfect, but the fact they’re not.

This way, this is something that you can build up a nice routine. So I put this putter on life with the hole and I put these tee pegs nice and close so like you do with golf balls line myself up, so my feet are parallel to the club toward the hole, I get my eyes over the top which is very, very important, now if I swing this putt – if I’ve lined this out correctly and I swing the putter straight back and straight through between the Gates back and through, the ball will go in the hole or holes as the case maybe.

But you can see from that position the putter went straight-back-straight-through, the ball – alright in this case it was unfortunate the hole shoot out, we’ve seen that happen many times to the world’s best golfers. But just imagine if I had done this – now this swing was perfect, I imagine if I had done this going back and going and caught the tee peg, we have those tee pegs being there to create the Gate you would never had known that you did that in the first place. So create the Gate, line yourself up, off you go and that gives you nice consistency that swing going straight-back straight-through and from that your putting is going to improve. What are you waiting for get your putting, get on top putting green.