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Video Transcript

Okay, so you hit a right to left shot, which is called the draw and it gives you lot more distance on your drive and indeed in any shot you play as long as you’re drawing that ball from the right to the left, but why, why do you get that extra distance? Well, it’s very, very simple, very, very simple. The action to hit that ball from right to left where it was a draw or a hook is very simple. We take the club on the inside and from taking the club from the inside, we bring that club back, because shoulders were slightly closed at address to start with, we’ve come on the inside and as we come back into that, the left hip is moving out of the way and everything is coming round this path.

So you can see, from here, I’ve come too much on the inside because I was actually maybe standing slightly closed, maybe my shoulders were slightly closed, because that’s what you would do to play for a draw and as that club comes in the hands release over and if you think about it, as those hands come in and release the club over, you’re hitting the top half of the ball, so if you’re hitting the top half of the ball, you’re getting top spin, so when that ball lands, it’s coming down in a right to left angle and a draw or a hook will always run away from you because you’ve got that enormous amount of top spin on, so it’s causes basically by the hands coming in to the ball and releasing that club over, because that’s what happens when you set up for a draw or for a hook, you close that stance over the hips, the feet, the shoulders, brings the club on the inside more and from here as we get to that hitting area that hip moves out of the way and look at the follow-through. It’s a much flatter, more rounded follow-through and that’s spinning that ball from right to left and when it lands there is the topspin, so now you know topspin is formed.