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So now let's look at your hip action and how that relates to building and releasing power in your golf swing. For a lot of sporting activities that you'll see, the hips and how the hips turn create power. Just think about picking up a ball and throwing it down the fairway. You would move back, turning your hips away from target slightly and then you would turn through with the hips towards the target, the belt buckle would face forwards leading the way, and then the hands and arm would come through to finish. We want to create the same feeling in a golf swing.

So, I have my good address position. Your hip should be level and facing forwards, not tilted or twisted or twisted or off angle, but level facing forwards. Now, during the backswing, your shoulders will turn to about 90 degrees if you can manage the full shoulder rotation and your hips should follow to about 45 degrees. Try and think of a two to one ratio. I really like that feeling of turning my upper body, double the amount to my bottom half. And, don't worry, if you can't manage the full 90-degree shoulder rotation due to lack of flexibility or an injury, just let the hips go half the amount of the shoulders. So, shoulders go to, let's say, 70 degrees, hips would follow to 35 degrees, the two to one ratio. And that's a good way of creating and building power in the backswing.

Now let's work on driving those hips back towards the target. A nice feeling here would be to let the belt buckle spin from the right side across the target this way. The more the belt buckle goes that way; the hands will get pulled down and are forced to impact. So, create power to the top, drive the hips back to the left hand side, and feel like the belt buckle is aiming left at impact.

Remember, the belt buckle doesn't point at the ball at impact that would be too static, not dynamic enough. Point the belt buckle left at impact, big turn through to a finish where actually your hips should now be 90 degrees in relation to where they started, fully facing to the target. And if you can control your hips in that fashion, you'll hit longer and straighter golf shots.