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Video Transcript

Hunter Mahan’s got one of those golf swings, that you just can look at all day long and you think that’s probably never going to break down under pressure. It’s pretty reliable, there’s not too many moving parts and he has a way of generating a massive amount of power in his downswing as well.

So Mahan sets up to the golf ball, quite a traditional set up. His back swing, he doesn’t really turn much off the golf ball. He is not a big lateral mover when he swings. He stays pretty centered over the golf ball. The first move is downswing, massive opening, open-hip rotation. But because he hasn’t moved back off the golf ball all that far, he therefore doesn’t need to slide back into the golf ball too far either. So from the top of the swing, a big opening up and rotation of his hips, now a good movement for you to think about here is, if you don’t move your hips enough, would be to fire your you’re belt buckle towards the target, at the start of your downswing.

So, you wind yourself up to the top coiling up and rotating, but then open your belt buckle to the target as quickly as possible and feel how that dynamic rotation through the middle section there opening the hips, actually generates a lot of power. It will drag your arms down through nice and quickly, it shifts your bodyweight across. And another good feeling there in the finish position, would be that all of your bodyweight is through to your left side and your hips are very open to target and your hips are actually looking straight down the driving range. So if I make my swing there, I am going to stay center on top of the ball like Mahan and then spin the hips. And you can see the hips come around very quickly, face down the target line, and as long as you can do that quickly, but in balance, firing the hips, is a great way of generating more power.