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Video Transcript

So if we have now established the fact that we are going to be utilizing the hand action correctly in the backswing, we are going to be putting this wrist hinge into the backswing, the only reason why we put something into the backswing is so that we can then take it out again and use it efficiently in the downswing. So effectively utilizing the hands in the backswing is a great way of storing up some power, but then there is no point in doing this, if we then we use all the power up here and we have nothing left to hit the golf ball with, so we set the wrist into a good position to create power and then we pull that power down into the back of the golf ball creating and keeping this lag for as long as possible and then releasing the lag down towards the golf ball which is accelerating the club head, effectively we’ve got power held in this angle and if we use it here it’s in the wrong place, if we don’t use it at all it was wasted and didn’t happen. So we have got to make sure that this lag gets extended at the golf ball perfectly to generate the most power at the most important point which is going to be striking the golf ball.
There is no point in having the fastest movement here and the club slowing down, or having the fastest movement after you have hit the golf ball, so its create the lag, pull down.

Now at this point here we want to pull down with the back of the left wrist in towards the ball, but actually delay the right hand, its important as a right handed golfer we don’t get carried away and try and hit the ball from there pulling this angle in, moving the body weight to the left side and then releasing the right hand at the most important point. Now the best practice exercise and training exercise I see for golfers to do this, is actually to try and to take away as much power as they can, just grab a short wedge, maybe a gap wedge, pitching wedge, something like that, 20 balls on the driving range and just focus on that right wrist hinge and how they are hinging their wrist and releasing the hinge. So we set up, hinge the wrist and release it because we see a lot of golfers that get here and flick too early or a lot of golfers that get to here and don’t enough wrist hinge in the first place and they’ve got nothing left to hit the ball with. So it’s a nice efficient wrist cock and wrist hinge right here and then release that action going through. And if you can feel that happening in slow motion, pitching wedge swings on the range, hopefully you can take it up to your longer game and feel that you’ve now got an efficient release of that wrist hinge.