Video Series

Video Transcript

During this next little miniseries of videos, I would really like to talk about Davis Love and how he has golf swing can lead a lot of good lessons that you might be able to learn to bring into your game, particularly if you have the same physical attributes as Davis Love. And when you watch Davis Love play, he doesn’t look like he is hitting the ball a million miles, but similar to a lot of good tour players, when you actually watch him live, he just bumps this thing out there a million miles, it looks like it’s never going to come down. And certainly in his hay day one of the key reasons why that was happening for him one of the things you could learn about your game, is making an Ultra Wide Golf Swing.

Now simple sort of physics principles, that if we make a small circle, the end of that clubhead is not going to move very fast because we have got a smaller circle, but if we make the swing wider and we make the club longer, the end of that can go even faster. And if we work on the Davis Love principle, he takes up principle to its extent where we make the widest, biggest backswing we can manage and then the widest, biggest downswing we can manage. And simply by extending the widths of the arc, we try and hit the golf ball out there a little bit further.

Now the other key principle that might help you with this as well, is the concept that if that swing arc is wider, the path that the club takes through the golf ball should be on line for a little bit longer. As in if we had a small circle coming around the body here, the club doesn’t stay on line for very long, it kind of comes in from the open side or from the inside to square back to the inside with an open square and closing club face, pretty quickly. The Davis Love principle, the much bigger, wider, longer backswing should feel like the club is going to stay online for longer through the hitting or through the impact zone and the face should stay squarer for longer.

So, taking Davis Love’s key principles of the ultra wide long backswing, particularly if you are quite tall and have quite a long range of motion, might be something that you could bring into your game particularly focused on the biggest club in the bag, the driver.