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When I carry my -- carry out my golf lessons on a day to day basis, I often sit down with clients and I say, “If you could have one swing from all the golf swings you’ve ever seen in history, who would it be?” The one name that tops that list more consistently than anybody else is Ernie Els. Now you might expect it to be Jack Nicholas or Tiger Woods because they are the most successful players, but actually Els has just got one of those beautiful, rhythmic, buttery kind of golf swings, that everybody wants to copy. Now the secrets behind that really in Ernie’s frame, he’s a very big tall guy, very long limbs, very flexible as well. And when he puts all that together, he’s able to create effortless amounts of power. And I think the thing with Els is he never looks like he’s trying that hard. So it looks from the outside, from the amateurs perspective that, “Well I could copy that, I could get near to that,” maybe they don’t feel they could copy Tiger Woods or Markel Roy’s swing, because that’s a very aggressive, a very fast flowing action, and you think, “Well I couldn’t do that because I’m physically not fit enough.” But the Els’s golf swing, it’s almost like it’s in slow motion isn’t it? It’s a big wide turn back, and a big high finish. And the thing [Inaudible] [0:01:17] 180 yards out there with a mid-iron, I mean the guy is supremely powerful. So, I think the things that we can learn from that is that, nice big, tall physical frames, don’t have to batter the golf ball to hit the ball a long way, use your natural leverage, your natural arm length, you natural flexibility, and your turn.

The other area where Els is very, very fast, is he’s very good with his hands. From about hip height, he has lots and lots of lag, and he really realizes his hands over very, very quickly. So if you’re a big fellow but you’re not hitting the ball very far, we might consider that you’re not using your wrist hinge or your wrist release, in an effective fashion. And watching somebody like Ernie Els particularly in slow motion, you would start to see how the releasing of the hands through the ball, is one of the keys to how he hits the ball so far, without looking like he’s trying that hard.