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Video Transcript

So how can you evaluate which of the big muscles that you use throughout the golf swing? Now for a start, one thing that you probably need to do is get out of your head maybe a stereotypical image of what the big muscles are. So the big chest muscles, the massive arm muscles, the huge shoulders -- these do play a part in the golf swing but not as much as the big muscles of the legs and the actual core, these are key muscles that are really going to start drive strength and drive technique. Strong hands, that is big forearms are a help. The really you build your power from the ground up, an example that uses the start was Rory McIlroy and he’s a fantastic example.

His lower half is super, super strong and he uses it in a way which gives him so much effortless power that is unbelieveable and that’s hopefully something that you can start to build in your game. Now when we start to evaluate what we actually use, you first need to look at where power comes from. Now every golf swing draws it’s power from the ground upwards, now when he’s drawing his power the ground upwards the first place to focus is the feet, the calfs, the quads, then into the backside and then into the core. This is the chain of events that draws the energy up from the ground. If you try and hit a golf shot with your feet off the surface, you will get almost no power at all. I think Chris Como it was, did a fantastic video of actually trying to generate full head speed whilst jumping off a diving board. Very amusing but also very relevant because it just shows how little power was able to be drawn up from the surface when there is no surface there.

So the sequence of events that you want to be doing to draw up power is getting that nice big backswing, turning the core, turning the trunk away, achieving a nice 90 degree rotation of the actual shoulders but as you’re coming through the ball what you want to be seeing is really pushing down into ground first of all. This is something that you see Rory do very, very well. From the top of swing, pushing the weight down into the left foot, using the energy going down into the ground. It is one of those things where every reaction equals opposite reaction and all that kind of stuff, if you’re pushing pressure down into the ground, you will be able to draw it back up and translay that into swing power.

So from the top of the swing, moving the big lower muscles down into the ground and then starting to clear those hips out the way. This is where the edge comes up, this where you start to turn, this is where the quads start to become engaged and from there we start to turn and extend those hips outwards towards the target and that is where the middle of the body starts to come into play as well. Yes hand strength is important, yes arm strength is important but if you want to gain distance and if you want to gain power and stability the first place to start is with the lower body.