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I have a swing theory that I'd like to think about in golf and I think you should use the big muscles to hit this golf ball, the big parts of your body, not the little parts of your body. Generally, the little parts of your body are more susceptible to pressure nerves and breaking down on the timing side of things as well. So if you're standing to the ball and you're trying to hit it with just your hands or overusing your hands in the golf swing, there's not enough consistency there. Likewise, the next thing in the chain, the arms. If the arms have been used too much, again, still a bit of a concern. Yes, your hands and arms have an influence and they will apply the power, but the body, the hips and the torso, that's what's going to supply the power. So we're going to feel like there's a big shoulder turn to take the club away from the ball, rather than a flick away with the hands. And again, we come back to grip pressure. If you're grabbing the golf club too tightly, your hands are overly involved. If your grip pressure is nice and relaxed, your shoulders turn the club back nicely, your body is involved in the takeaway, then your hands and arms work loosely and lightly to the top but they're not flicking around, they're not taking the golf club too far.

Then as you transition into a downswing, again, we want the big muscles involved. If we're not getting to the top and hitting the ball from the top with the hands and the arms, it would encourage an over-the-top or an outside line swing. We want to take it to the top using the big muscles and then set the hips back across. Feel like the body weight moves back into the left-hand side, pressing the left heel down on to the floor. So if the left heel is quite light here, it's not going to lift up necessarily, but just light, and then you stand back on to it, and turn back into it. But if the big muscle is involved there, small muscles in the hands and the arms lead to inconsistency. Big muscles, chest in the back swing, hips, chest, then the hands and the arms in the downswing. There's more consistency by using the big parts of your body, rather than the little parts of your body.