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Video Transcript

During this next little series of videos I am going to be talking to you about how you can alter your golf swing by thinking about the different muscle groups and how they can work. We are going to break these muscle groups down pretty much into two categories, big muscles and small muscles. Now it’s a different way of thinking about that. Think about big parts of your body and small parts of your body. Generally speaking, the big parts of your body are going to move slightly more slowly but with a lot more force. And the small parts, the small muscles are going to be move a lot more quickly, maybe with a sort of a faster twitch muscle response but actually not with a great deal of power. So a good way of thinking about that is your hands, your feet and your knees as the smaller muscles, and the bigger muscles are going to be more sort of the glutes, the core, the shoulders and the chest.

And in a golf swing, we know we need a combination of both. We can’t have just the hands and the arms hitting the golf ball. But also we don’t want just the body turning the golf ball. We actually want both working in unison. We want to get the feeling that the -- the body will wind up and create a lot of power. Then the hands will add to that. And then in the downswing, the body unwinds and the hand is released. And it’s a nice combination of the two motions. Just using one, just using the other doesn’t work. We have got to get a combination of both. Now for most golfers, we generally see that golfers will overuse the small muscles. Certainly beginners, when we see a beginner’s setup to the golf ball, normally they try and hit it with their hands, and their arms and quite often with their feet as well.

So we get lots of foot action, lots of whacking at the golf ball, lots of hands, but not really enough body. Now the category would often see golfers fall into that fault with is the older generation. The older generation just feel like they can hit the ball with the hands and their arms, maybe because the middle part of the body starts to stiffen up. And it feels quite awkward to make that big shoulder turn, big movement through, back injuries, inflexibility and lack of strength. So they just hit it hands and arms and legs. And they are actually giving up a certain amount of power and definitely a lot of -- a lot of consistency. We generally find golfers that are using the big muscles are more consistent in terms of what they do than golfers using the small muscles. So in this next little series of videos, we are going to look at how that can benefit your game and how we can supercharge your big muscles.