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There's a bit of a buzz going around at the moment particularly when golfers watch Rory Mcllroy play that we talk about the dip that he has or the dip that Tiger has in his swing, we look at that dip it was like, “Why are they dipping, I've always been told to keep my head still, why are these guys dipping?”

Well they are not so much dipping; dipping is not probably to the right description of it. It’s more of a squat. But what we see in Rory Mcllroy or Tiger Woods kind of golf swing is the fact that they generate power far much from the ground upwards so we’ll see them squatting their downswing and then jump through the ball as they drive their body weight forwards with a huge push off the floor which generates more club heads speed.

The question is should every golfer go in be copping their swings and if your head is moving up and down is that okay because Mcllroy moves his head in the same way. Or is your head movement detrimental because yours is a genuine proper bobbing of your head rather than a squat than a squat like Mcllroy has got.

So let's try and explore a little bit about this squat and how it can benefit a lot of golfers. The reason why we don’t teach it to most people is it can be quiet difficult to strike the ball as I am probably now going to go and demonstrate because its not something that I would do in my normal swing.

We are going to take it to the top. We are going to feel like we have a little down and then quite a big up in the golf swing. The general shot here is going to be hitting the ball pretty heavy, pretty fat.

Oh I got away with that one, a little bit at the toe but a big high boom and draw. I might start incorporating that in my game a little bit more regularly.