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One of my favorite wins of the recent airing golf is Darren Clarke when he won the Open a couple of years ago. The way he plays golf is something that really appeals to me. Yes, he's a big guy but he doesn’t belt the ball as far as some of the younger guys and a lot of people feel his best golf is behind him. But when he plays a links golf course which he's grown up his whole life playing out in the Coasting Island and he plays a windy links golf course. He has his great touch and feel for low shots and has one of my personal shots to play as well.

And here's something that can help you out when you're playing the little low knock down shots. They start by playing the ball just middle of stance or even into the back third of the stance. You can grip down the golf club a little bit as well to shorten the golf club and feel like you have more control. But don’t be tempted to lean back on to your right side where the ball is. Keep your body weight a little bit more left side. Feel that you're to get on top of the golf ball and point down on to it. And just be really careful of this left shoulder doesn’t rise up through impact which is going to be pull you out of the shot, shallowing your angle of attack and scooping the ball into the air. That's not what we want.

So we're going to set up ball in the back third, hands and body weigh nicely ahead, good deep turn nice and low with the left shoulder and stay down with the left shoulder. Really getting the left-hand while in front of the golf ball impact, trying to squeeze the ball down as low as possible. Drilling it under the wind, getting the ball to land at the front of the green and skip up the green particularly nice on those big links greens where down club were playing.

So we have the ball back in the stance maybe a middle of the grip so you're gripping an inch of the top, an inch of the bottom but not gripping too high. Body weight and hands nicely on the left-side. Left shoulder low and stayed down through the finish. It's a little three-quarter knock down finish. The ball open right here, really hard and shoot off the golf club face, staying low not ballooning up in to the breeze.

Any sort of issues that I see with that shot when people like I say, "Set up. They get caught leaning back or they try not to overly hit it and knock themselves off balance." And that wouldn’t do you any favors. Think about a little three-quarter backswing and also a three-quarter follow through. The club won't go its full distance but into the wind it will go a lot further than a ball that goes too high and stalls. Practice hitting the little Darren Clarke knock down shots for much more successful golf when it's windy.