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I think there's a school of thought for a lot of amateur and club golfers that when we want to hit the ball hard we need to hit the ball with the club head travelling as fast as possible which is correct. And then we think about well how do we want to get that club head moving as fast as possible? Well I’ll move the bit of my body that I think I can move the fastest. Now if I said which part of your body you can move the fastest it would probably be your hand, your arm and your wrist and even just the fingertips. If we flick the fingertips they can move really quickly. We can't move the body as quickly as we can move the fingertips.

So when we want to hit the ball hard I know I’ll focus on flicking my fingertips as fast as possible. And that kind of idea, that kind of works. But what about using this as well? Now although we know the bigger muscles are going to move a little bit more slowly, because the bigger muscles are in the center of the hub, the center of the circle. But when I swing the middle part of my body quite slowly that golf club moves quite quickly. My belt is moving around very slowly, but the club head is moving quickly. So now if I move my belt as quick as I can, the club head actually swooshes. Now my belt didn't swoosh, but the club head swooshes.

So this moving relatively slowly from the big muscles encourages the end of the golf club to travel really quickly. So then if I put the belt buckle turning slowly and the hands releasing quickly and put it all together, the belt buckle moves slowly back, but quickly through, the hand is released. We really get the club head swooshing through quite aggressively. And that club head can be travelling over a hundred miles an hour for a lot of better golfers and certainly the professionals, maybe even a hundred and twenty, a hundred and thirty miles an hour of club head speed. And they are all using the big muscles.

So as a golfer don't just think about power coming from your hands. Think about it coming from your body. Now the key motion here to generate the power in the backswing is going to be turning the shoulders. So from a good setup position we really want to turn the shoulders, turning into the right hand side for the right handed golfer, this rotation of my shoulders simply builds a lot of power. Now I can rotate my big muscles in my downswing, release my little muscles as well and that's going to really get the club head accelerating. If as a golfer you are feeling you're just using your hands and your arms and trying to swing it quickly here you are negating the power that comes from the big muscles.

And again although the big muscles move slowly they are the ones that generate a huge amount of force. So a big wide turn back and a nice fast release through and you're on your way to using your big muscles to hit the golf ball further and more consistently.