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One of the issues I often see with golfers that don’t hit the ball full power is they lose any level of commitment that they have, they are not very assertive they are not very committed, therefore they look like they are pulling out of the shot and probably lose accuracy as well as distance. So when you are playing on the golf course and if you look at a hole and you, you don’t quite fancy it and you think, “That’s a bit narrow, there’s a bit of out of bounds there a bit of water over there, maybe I should hit a driver.”

Then go with the instinct of not hitting your driver, hit a three wood, hit a five wood, hit a hybrid club, and then commit to that shot rather than taking your driver and steering it out there a bit meekly and trying to poke it down in the middle. You know you see golfers that make a little half back -- a little half follow-through and I think, “Well, why do that with a driver?” It’s only going to go the same distance as a three wood and with much more practice, you’re much more proficient hitting a three wood with a full swing.

Very occasionally you’ll see the world’s best players just grip down slightly. That might give them just a modicum more control and a little less distance, but then they still go after it, they still commit to it. So if you feel that you want to have to hit driver full power, full distance, just grip down ever so slightly and commit rather than gripping full length and having a little half hit shot quarter follow-through, that doesn’t really give the ball it’s full flight. You will hit more fairways with a more lofted club rather than hitting a driver and not being assertive with it.