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Video Transcript

So about learning the push in the previous video, we're now in a position where we're not having the club face closing to target. The club face isn’t aiming left in relation to the path either. So we've taken away any right to left spin. We're starting to create to shove that just leaks slightly out to the right hand side. So the aim now to create a sort of a power fade from that push shot is just understanding we do want the ball to set off slightly left of target and then cut back a little bit. So to get the ball to set off left of target, that’s where we are going to have to aim the club face. So the face is going to be slightly closed to the target line, to the center of the fairway, but more importantly the face is actually going to be opened to the path.

So we make a path swing that’s more down the left hand side or we make a face angle that’s slightly opened to that line, slightly to the right, but ideally still left of the target line. That way the ball will set of left of the target line and just cut back across. Now if we also incorporate that slightly weaker than standard grip, that’s going to help us keep the face open in relation to the path line. We also want to make sure we're very aggressive and really drive with the bottom half, because again slowing down the bottom half or let the hands close over too much and it will be too slow. So the power comes from the hips.

The path and the face work together to create a nice little left to right shape. And hopefully we can go ahead a hit some power fades just like Mr. Nicklaus. So down the left side, then cutting back out towards that tree in a distance. And I feel like with that shot I can really go ahead and hit that ball as hard as I like as long as I clear my hips out of the way quickly. You'll start to increase your club head speed and learn to hit that power fade.