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Okay. So, what’s the benefit of having a pause at the top of the backswing? Well, it’s quite easy really when you think about it. One of the biggest faults of golfers is actually getting to the top of the backswing and then hitting it and from hitting it it causes all sorts of different problems. So, if you’ve got a pause, the sort of hit that people tend to do from the top of the backswing is almost sort of erased out of the equation. So, if I go back and I swing the club and I go back pause and back, you can see that the likelihood of actually pausing and then coming down hard is gone, because its almost like you’ve come to a stop, but it’s just a little pause, we’re not stopped for one, two, three, four seconds, we’re just paused and from that you can imagine the sort of rhythm, the sort of movement, momentum, everything is smooth, is slow, everything is together, so in other words this big word control is now in your hands, you’ve got that control by having this pause at the top.

So, let me give you a demonstration. So, if I get over this ball and I just want to pause. I just go back, pause, that was just so effortless. And for us, as senior golfer, this is just, you know, really something that we should be doing all the time. It is essential. There is no effort to it. The ball is going exactly where I was actually aiming and I was just working on that slight pause. But to go from a conventional swing where you’re going where you’re going back at, say, whatever speed and coming back down or whatever you’ve been used to doing, to go from that to a pause is almost kind of going from one extreme to the other extreme, so let’s give you a simple sort of exercise where you can actually think about this.

Very simple. If you get over the ball, just do it without the ball just to start with. If you go one and two, you notice I’m not going one, two because that would encourage a hit from the top and that’s not what we’re here for. What we’re here is to get this club doing back and through. So, if I remember the words, so one is the push, two is the top, yeah, sorry, one and two, so one is the push and two, so two is on the ball, so from here, one and two and this time I’ve got a much, much better shot out there, much better shot just by focusing and you might think we didn’t really pause there, but if you think about it, we’ve taken a pause, we’ve gone one and, and that second, whether you think you’ve got a pause in your swing or not, every single golfer has got a pause at the top of the backswing, no matter who he is in the world.

It might be a millisecond, but there is no way you could possibly go back and come down, there has got to be a pause there. For us, the senior golfers having that pause actually makes more sense, more control, more rhythm and it’s so simple to do, so it’s one and two and look how smooth that swing is. Simple tip, get onto the golf course tomorrow, you don’t even need to go to the practice ground for this one and get out there and just work on one and two. It works.