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Video Transcript

Okay, so the question is are you taking the club back far enough or too far too sure, maybe how would I know. We’ll let’s show you what the correct position at the top of the back swing is, if I set myself up to the ball, the perfect back swing is taking the club back and that the top of back swing, the shaft is parallel lowering nicely down to the target that is the perfect back swing. Okay there’s a danger, there’s a danger of getting into this position, because if you swing the club and focus on getting the club into this position here, in slow motion I can keep that club in that position all day long.

But what, when I’ve got club head speed and most golfers tend to over swing so they take the club back at the same position, but this time if I swing in normal motion watch where the club goes now remember I’m trying to get myself into this parallel position at top which is the perfect position. So from here if I go back, and you’re going to say I over swung, and I did not do it deliberately but that club I could see it from the corner of my eye at the top.

So what made it go too far? The tempo, the pace of the swing will always take the club far enough, or too far back. It’s a bit like driving a car and all of a sudden you’re going at a speed and you hit the brakes, you don’t stop instantly, so you can’t expect to take the club back swinging the club back at one pace back and forwards and expect to stop at precisely at this point, if I go back in slow motion I could stop there all day longest in that club in that position. But in reality do I want to do that, well the perfect swing I would say for us senior golfers is very, very simple, I want you to concentrate on focusing on a very, very simple idea.

If I said to you, set up to the ball I swing the club back and concentrate on swinging the club so the shoulder hits the chin, the club is far enough, if I swing the club to here, in reality on the ball, that club will go to here. So is it better to have a short back swing or a long back swing? A short back swing. A short back swing means you’ve got control, a long back swing means you haven’t got any control, so what would you rather have?

So let’s put it into practice now, so I’m going to take that club but remember, the length of a back swing, where should it be. I’m going to swing this club back, watch the shoulder hit my chin, and when that gets up quite look at where the club is at the top. So here we go as soon as the shoulder hits the chin, I’m coming back down, so from here, good balance, nice golf shots, you can see I’m totally in control, I’ve gone back here but I’ve not gone and taken the club right over the top.

So the next time you’re out there remember, nobody ever hits the ball on the back swing so focus on getting the club into a position, and the easiest thing to do because we can’t see ourselves is trust the feel of this against the chin, and when you get to that position that is far enough. Remember the perfect position is here, we want you to stay from there, into this position. So shoulder to chin is key.