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Video Transcript

Okay, we're going to talk about coming across-the-line on the backswing. And what is across-the-line? Well, I've got two sticks down here which are representing the direction that I want to hit the golf ball straight down from the target. If I set myself up, and I swing across the line and then I'm going to swing across this line here which is the target line so from here I'm going to swing the club across-the-line and from that it will come inside hitting across the ball, and that will produce one or two shots. A straight left which is a pull and the left to right which is a slice, so that's – is what a swing across-the-line is. But how do we go about curing it?

Well it’s a little easier than you think. Let's put the ball down in the middle here and what I want you to do from here, so I want you to do, take your normal setup and I want you to concentrate on turning your shoulders. If I just setup to the ball and turn my shoulders, the club has to come across the inside line. Let's do that again. I'll put a club across the shoulders and I just turn put the shoulder away. The club cannot possibly go across the outside line. It cannot happen, it's a straight away if you're going that's just so simple so why do we swing across the line? Well it tends to come through many, many different reasons. But one of the biggest one is that desire to hit the ball further. How many are, are out there watching this now are so guilty of setting upto the ball? I just give a little bit more.

And as you give that little bit more you got that width, you're stretching for it, and of course we hit the ball shorter not longer that way because we're out of position, and the faults will go with it. So we've explained what the foot problem is. The easiest way of going about to is just setting yourself up and turning your shoulders. If you wanted to, you could put a line of tee pegs about 2 inches outside the ball run about this position here in the line. So if you did go across the line on the backswing you touch the tee peg. You would actually feel yourself touching the tee peg. You would see the tee peg. So that’s the simplest way in the world, over the ball, turn the right shoulder away, and the club automatically comes in the inside quick fix.