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Video Transcript

I want to talk about the best way of actually doing your backswing, the best way to time that backswing, so, how do we time a backswing? Concept -- the words are about the time. It’s about smooth, it’s about slow, it’s not about going back and pulling back fast and the club is flying away, that’s not timing the backswing, so let’s put a few things into place that are going to basically help you to find that time of that backswing, get yourself into position. If you set yourself over the ball, what we want to do is to concentrate on turning the hips.

As you turn the hips, I want you to push away with the left arm. I want you to keep the left arm nice and straight so if I turn my hips, pushing away my left arm, look at the width I’ve got here. If I’ve got the width and everything is turning together, which it is, everything is simplistic. There is nothing complicated. There is not one thing going wrong way, hips going another way, just turn the hips and let this left arm and the club go back to a lovely nice extension here. It is nice and slow. It is smooth. You’re in total control and that’s what we’re looking for here, is total control.

So, when we go back, push the club away, work on your hips, hips are a crucial element here and keep that width, keep that width with your left arm and feel what’s comfortable for you. Again, that’s all about timing. Timing is about slow. Timing is about being in control. Here, by keeping that left arm, pushing it nicely away and just turning your hips, everything is in control, you’re in control, it’s slow, it’s smooth and from that position, we can then start thinking about coming back and hitting the ball, but this is all about timing your backswing. You’ve got the knowledge, go and put it into use right now.