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Video Transcript

I want to talk about clearing the hips through the hitting area. It’s an area that most people mostly don’t even think about. They’re so fixed on trying to hit the ball with their body or their hands or their club that they’re not actually thinking about the hips and the hips are such a crucial part. For example, when we take the club back, we want to just turn these hips just nicely through 45 degrees, but as the hips go through 45 degrees the shoulders would just go through 90. So, by thinking about their hips, the hips actually make everything else go in sync, so instead of having to think about all these different sort of components, let’s just think about the hips. Just shift the hips around slightly, that turns everything, but as you come in to the hitting area, the hips, we’ve got to think about these hips.

As we come to the hitting area it’s very, very important that we move that left hip out of the way, so as I come in to the ball let’s clear that hip through, move that hip out of the way. It will give you a lot of space, a lot of room from the club head to get through whereas most people would be in a sort of blocking position with their hips still here and that would force the clubface into an open position, forcing that ball back down that right-hand side, that push, that dreaded slice shot. So, when we come to the hitting area, remember, what did your hips do in your backswing, because the swing is mirror image, so if I go back and I move my hips through 45 degrees that’s getting the hips going through and as the hips go through 45 degrees and you got momentum, you got club head speed, naturally those hips will actually turn and you’ll finish facing the target.

So, a good tip for you on this one would be when you’re actually out there practicing before you actually hit the ball have a few practice swings, be aware of the buckle under your belt and what I want you to do is you come in to hit the ball, move that left hip out of the way and let the belt buckle face the target, so it’s a very, very simple finish. If the belt buckle is here, you’ve not achieved the goal, so very simple. Belt buckle that’s facing the target as we hit the shot. Very, very simple technique. There is my weight going through and that’s the correct idea of actually clearing your hips through the ball with the most simplistic sort of idea in your head. Keep thought patterns very, very simple. Don’t be complex. Keep them short and simple. They’re the best tips and they work. Go and put that into practice now. It works.