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Video Transcript

What I want to do is talk about the best changes you can make for consistent ball striking. With ball striking it’s all about hitting down and through the ball. Time and time again we see people trying to hit that ball up in the air, lean back and all these things result in the inevitable, hitting the ball on the top and all along the ground, so let’s concentrate on what is best to achieve our goals. So, the first thing is that we want to basically get this ball striking, just absolutely perfect. So, what part of the ball are you actually looking at? Are you looking at the ball? Yes, I hear you shout. Well, look at the back of the ball. Look at where the club has actually sat behind the ball and let’s focus your attention on that and if you’re at a driving range and you put a line of chalk down, let’s focus on hitting that line of chalk, which is right under the ball, so we’re hitting down and through.

So, the best way of getting a ball strike is to hit down and through. So, if I set up here and concentrate on looking at the base, I trap the ball, the ball has gone up in the air and it’s gone exactly where I want it go. Obviously, what you got to do is put your faith and commitment to this. Commitment is a very, very important word for any sort of tips that we might give, because when you’re over this ball, it’s all right looking down at that point, but the impact is very, very important, that you don’t start coming out of the shot.

Coming out of the shot is basically moving the hips out of the way and leaning back, trying to help that ball up in the air. So, the most important key here is to actually hit down and hit through. So, another tip. We’ve talked about the strike, keeping your eye focused on the back of the ball, but when you go back, to get consistent ball striking, a positive change is to turn the hips ever so slightly, you say why so slightly? Control. We’re basically winding the hips up so that we’ve got a coil, we’re just moving the hips, we’re just storing the energy and then from here we hit down into the back of that ball, hitting down and through and there is all the energy, everything is concentrated in this strike. Hit down and through, that’s the key to success in this tip.