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The conversations I often have with all the golfers about how they're trying to generate power, and try to generate distance, and try to keep the distance that they have 10 years ago. And ironically, one of the things they're trying to do to generate distance is probably costing them a lot of distance as well. And this comes from being tense and tight, and being too aggressive through the impact area. So in a good address position we want to see how their arms are straight and the elbows are quite close together during your backswing during the best jump possible with your front arm if it has a little bend okay, if it's straight then better. And through the impact area, keep those hands and arms releasing and extending that's the most efficient and powerful way you can have of hitting the golf ball. But if you're too aggressive, too anxious, and too tense through the impact area would often see this happen when the elbow separate and pull apart.

So David, if we swap places again and you jump into the mat, inserting yourself to the -just off a tee peg this time I think will let you swing through. So this is a nice address position, gently back and through. And through the impact area to follow through position here you just bring the arms down a little bit, just feel how there we want to try and extend the arms as much as possible. Stretch them out as far as you can there. And the close the elbows get together and the more extended the arms out this way, that's the better release and a more efficient release f power. So David, back down to the start again, so in this position just stretch your arms and bring the elbows together as much as you can. That's a great position to start with. And now we're just going to rock the club backwards and forward trying to not let this break down too much. So gently back to my hand here just rocking it back, keeping the elbow as straight as possible. If I can now pull you through and drag you through to there, then that's a really efficient use of your body turning your power, and that's the best way of maximizing distance down the fairway, bring that back down to the start again.

Even as you came through impact, you got very tighten tense on the golf club, you often feel the golf club comes into the body this way, and we see the golf leaning back a little bit too much, and the elbows pull apart too much. This often a very weak shot sometimes incorporating a high left to right flight for a right-handed golfer, so back down again to the start with. So just have a little rocking action here elbows squeezed together gently back to my hand, and just rock through to the other side stretching and extending through. Now if you're struggling with pulling your elbows in, you feel like you're losing power, you could go ahead and do this drill on the practice ground before tee off and play. And you could even start to just clip balls away, maybe just put 25 balls upon a little tee peg, just tick, tock, back and through trying to keep the elbows together in the follow through as much as possible. You might appreciate as well that the more you keep your elbows together, the more you follow through as well which is a great way of maximizing your power and avoiding any loss of power through that bad tension in your arms.