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Video Transcript

Okay. So what are the benefits of holding the shaft angle at a touch just as you hit the driver? Well in a nutshell, it’s more consistent drives, that consistent drive could be the more accurate, we could get a little bit more length from but they’re certainly going to hit the ball more consistently down that fairway. So first of all, what is this angle? Well let’s look at the buddy shall we. If we came into the ball and the hands were too far ahead. So we’ve got this lean where the hands are so far forward, what is going to happen is that we are going to deloft the club face and tend to smother the shot. If we come in and the hands are now coming in behind the ball, you can see from this position that I’m going to get the ball up in the air or even maybe come up so much that I hit the top of the ball and top it. So the position that impact is crucial that’s a bad one and that’s a bad one. So what is the good one?

When we set up to the ball, what we want you to do as you come into the impact area, we want to push away first of all in the shoulder, in the arm and the hand, sweep that club back to here, as we get that club back to the ball, that’s the position that we want you to finish exactly where you started. So the shaft is coming straight down to the head, the boot of the grip is just inside the left thigh and that’s the perfect position. So from here, swing the club back and return that club back to the ball, this is the position that we wanted you to be. Remember if your hands come in behind the club face, you’re going to loft that, you’re going to increase that loft and get it very high. And if the club comes in with your hands too far forward, then you can imagine you are going to smother the shot. So basically, the benefits of creating that angle, here is the position into here as we get back to the ball, we want to be here. If you’re fortunate enough to get down to the driving range, you might be able to look at the impact back where you position it just in front and the idea is to kind of hit against the impact back and that will give you a feeling of the position that we want at impact. So hopefully from that, I’m not getting too complex there, you can demonstrate and understand the difference between holding this position. Hands too far ahead will deloft, hands too far behind will increase the loft. We want to get that club face back where we started, that’s your tip.