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Video Transcript

Okay. So, we want to get a little bit more length in our drive, so how do we go about it. Do we swing longer, do we swing faster, do we throw our body weight at it? No, that’s not the answer. The answer is a lot simpler than what you might think. The idea is to try and hit this ball as the club is rising just as it comes into the impact zone. So, let me just demonstrate. When we set ourselves up, most golfers tend to position over the ball, for most shots somewhere in the middle of stance and I’m sure people who are watching this will be thinking, yes, I’m a bit guilty of this, because what this would do, this would create a swing that would basically go up and down. You can see from that angle there coming down, that the favorite is to hit the top half of the ball creating the top, topping the ball, it goes along the ground or even thinning the ball, a half sort of heartish shot height wise and, of course, you could actually catch the ground behind the ball and how many times do we find ourselves with these sort of sky marks on top of the head here so we got right underneath and we skied the ball, almost ballooned it up in the air.

That comes from the most common fault that I see time and time again when I’m coaching, having that ball position too central. So, here is the tip that we want. To get that club hitting that ball on the rise, which takes out all those equations that we just commented about, get the ball off your left heel, put that ball forward off your left heel. From this position here I want you to put your left shoulder up in the air slightly, which will put the weight bit more predominantly back. By being more behind the ball here, what it’s going to do is create a really, really good width, don’t forget, before, when the ball was in the middle, we were going up from here, this was going to create a lot of width and a much more shallow takeaway, a low and slow takeaway.

So, from here, shoulder up in the air, I’m going to swing this club back, back…wow! That ball has gone a long, long, long, long way and it’s got lots and lots of height on it and so I’ve come in to that ball here, I’ve gone back. Remember, the shoulder was high, my weight was back here, from here lots of width, so as I’m coming to the ball there is the angle. I’m staying behind the ball because of what I’ve done with the shoulder and the ball position and the club has hit that ball off the tee peg. You watch the best players on the tour, you’ll notice that most of their drive is when they tee the ball up, the tee peg is still standing after they’ve hit the ball.

Great example about actually hitting the ball on the rise and the peg is still standing. What do most club golfers do, the tee peg is spun over here or is spun over here because they’ve actually come in too steep. So, remember, get yourself into a position to hit it on the rise, put that ball position at your left heel, lift that shoulder up high and we’ve just got the right recepie for hitting that ball. As you can see, I’m just hitting the top of that tee peg there. That’s the remedy for hitting nice tee shots.