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Video Transcript

Okay, so we’re on the golf course, we’re on the golf course and all of a sudden we hit a golf ball and it moves from the left to the right and we slice that ball. We’ve not hit a divot, so we don’t really know what’s actually caused the problem here, but we’ve seen that ball slice from left to right. So, we’ve got to kind of thing to ourselves as, right, there’s no evidence there on the ground to say I’ve done this and I’ve done that, but one thing that we do know that to slice a ball, you must’ve gone outside the line and you must’ve come inside. That action as you can see, moving away from the body and coming into the body, hits the left side of the ball and it rotates that ball left to right, so hopefully the message being put over there, you can loud and clear, you can actually see where that ball came from, but look at that ball fly.

Did it go left to right and spin? If it did, you’ve come across that ball. What about the hook? If the hook has basically gone down the right, well it’s just the opposite. What has actually happened here is that the club has actually got too much on the inside and then as we come here, the club has come back from the inside, the hands are rotating over and you can see the clubface is now rolling over, it’s almost like a tennis player playing a stroke from this side of the net, the court to the other side and the guy over there get to his position, rolls the racquet over and it goes over there with a lot of top spin, so by looking at that ball flight it actually gives you a massive clue, a massive clue to where you actually went in that swing.

So, we’ve highlighted what a slice and a hook is. We’ve actually said what happens to the swing and from there you’ve only got to do that if you slice the ball then obviously just do the opposite, bring that club on the inside, so every simple sort of remedy. You know what the fault is, look at that ball flight, you’ve seen what happens, you’ve now got the knowledge in here to say that’s the swing path that caused A or B. Now, go and put it right.