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Video Transcript

Okay. So, you want to hit longer drives. Okay, so to hit longer drives, well, the most obvious club is the driver, that’s the longest length shaft, the least amount of loft and because it’s the longest shaft it actually creates a lot more width. Remember, the more width you actually create in the swing, the faster that club head at the end of that shaft is actually going to travel and that’s a very, very key point, to get lots of width, the club head will be traveling faster on the arc and that will generate more club head speed, more distance and that’s a little bit of a key to hit a longer drive, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Simple basics. So, to hit longer drives, let’s put the club down the ball. We want the ball to ideally launch at a nice sort of driven slow sort of flight, reaching its peak, dropping down and landing comfortably.

That way we’ve got control of the drive and hitting that fairway, especially with dry conditions, the ball is bouncing all over the place. We don’t want to get landing and bouncing into trouble with that low trajectory rising up and dropping down, so here’s how we go about it. When you put the driver behind the ball, we want you to position the ball. If you take a line from the back of the ball to my feel, you can see I’ve actually got it towards my left heel, so I’ve pushed the ball forward and this is very, very important indeed. By putting the ball forward it means that when the club comes back to the ball it’s actually going to hit the ball very, very late and the club at impact is going to be on the rise in which case it’s going to sweep the ball up in the air, so in essence what little loft we’ve got here is actually coming into the ball just on the moment of impact, just as it starts to rise and that drives the ball up, it drives that ball up, sort of low ball flight getting up to it’s pinnacle and dropping and stopping, that’s where we want the ball position. But two more, sort of, tips just to kind of get this sort of position.

At the same time the ball position being further forward, we want you to hold your head into a central position and put your left shoulder up a little bit higher than what you might have done. The reason for doing this is purely and simply, by putting that left shoulder forward, the weight is out a little bit more towards the right side and this will help to create a lot more width and as the shoulder is high as we come into it the body will tend to stay behind the ball, as you can see there and driving into the ball and the ball, again, will go up, so ball position forward, left shoulder high, and keep that head central because any sort of movement with the head going forward will then crate the swing coming down too steep and we know what’s going to happen there. We’re going to hit the ground behind the ball or we’re going to tend to smother the shot. So, if you want longer drive, ball position up your front foot, left shoulder higher, keep the head central and from there we’ll be hitting that ball very, very late and just sweeping that ball of the tee peg. That’s the key to hitting longer drives.