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To gain the explosive amount of power that you need to hit the ball a long way you need every single part of your body to actually be working together, working in conjunction with each other and nothing out powering the other. Now this is very important because when people focus on golf fitness what they normally focus on is the legs, the core of the arms and the actual back muscles tend to be neglected. Now if you neglect the back muscles there will be an imbalance within the body and that's how injuries could occur. Now one of the great ways to work the lats and to actually work the back muscles is using a resistance band and to do a seated row. Now a seated row is very, very easy to accomplish all you need resistance band with some handles using an appropriate strength for your current fitness level and then building up. Pop the resistance band around the balls of the feet and then straighten out the legs in front of you as so. Now this will automatically cause resistance, to a good to pair, pop it round the middle of the feet for this demonstration, will automatically appear resistance that you can see on the band. Now if you stretch your legs out keep your back nice and straight then pull backwards with the resistance bands until they reach the side of the body just hold it for a moment relax back down, pull it back just to the side of the body and then relax back down. Now as I said you can do as many of these as you want to until you feel tired but these are going to work the middle of the back and also the lat muscles and really give a lot more stability through the actual golf swing. There are lots of exercises you can do but if you can start off with this one it will be a very good start to working the back