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To build up the maximum amount of power you can during the golf swing you need the lower half of your body, your legs and you gluts to be excessively strong. This is because most of the power you generate comes from the ground upwards, you see many of the top professional athletes with a very toned upper body physique, what you don't tend to see much of the time is how strong their lower body is, and that's where they're generating probably about 90% of their power from. Now one of the best ways to actually get power into your leg muscles is using the squat exercise and you can use the squat exercise using resistance bands very, very easily. Now all you need to be doing is using the resistance band with two handles, these come in most of the packs of resistance bands you get, placing your toes well the middle of your feet more the balls of your feet over the actual resistance bands, taking the resistance bands on the outside of the hands, as in this way and then squat down, turn the resistance bands just to the side onto the shoulders and then really extend upwards, hold it for a few moments back nice and straight down again and then all the way up to the top. Now depending on your current strength use different resistance bands, use light resistance bands use heavy and strong resistance bands just make it appropriate for your current fitness level but the more and more you can do of this type of exercises the stronger and stronger your base will become and as a result the more powerful your swing will become.