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Video Transcript

When looking for ways to increase flexibility shoulders and back flexibility is very, very important and should be near the top of your list. Your shoulders and your back need to be flexible because you’re coming through impact, they add power and they add stability and you want to have full control over those body positions, over those body parts and over those muscle groups. Now a great way to do this is to use a staff push down drill. Now I’ve got here a very big golf club you can use a dumbbell bar or an exercise bar something just which is relatively tall, a broom handle whatever it might be. Now what this involves is getting the staff, the club whatever it might be pushing downwards in front of you like this. So you see my arms are pretty much set on the same parallel line as my shoulders here. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to get into a golf posture position and then I’m really going to feel like my arms and my upper body you’re pushing down through this staff.

I’m going to allow my head to dip down below my shoulders so it really stretches all my shoulders and my upper back out. So into this position, posture position then I’m really going to push down and stretch out my upper body. You can see my posture line is increasing, my spine angle increasing, the tilt from the hips increasing as I really start to push down and stretch out all of my upper body here. Now you can hold this for 10-15 seconds, so coming back up and relaxing and then repeating. But it’s certainly going to work the shoulders, the upper body, the back, everything you need to to stabilize those parts of the body. So give it a go, work it in with another overarching routine that you can find here on the website and hopefully when you come hit the shot your flexibility will be improved.