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When I ask golfers where they generate that power forming their golf swing, most people will talk about the upper body, the big muscles or even the hands. But I’m a firm believer that you to have good control of what your legs are doing to generate the power, because ultimately your legs are going to push off from the floor and there are going to be the things that resist all the movement that happens up above. So when we set up to the golf ball, we’ve got to have a nice wide planted platform first. I like to see the right foot facing straight forward for the right handed golfer, then as you turn into your back swing, you can get your body weight into your right side but it happens in a controlled fashion. The right leg and foot doesn’t sway away too much. It doesn’t put too much body weight on the outside of your foot. Simply you can’t push off in this position. Consider the fact that if you were going to have a running race and run up the hole that you are playing in, you wouldn’t put your body wait on the little toe and then try and push off. There’s nothing there to go on. You put the body weight on the in step of your foot kicking your knee in a bit and flexing it slightly and then you could put off and run.

We once tried the same approach in the back of a golf swing, so we turn it up to the top, my body weight sinks all down inside of my right foot and right knee that way I can push off and spring load back. So as I start my down swing, my hips will unwind, my shoulders my chest unwinds, the hands unwind and ultimately the golf club head unwinds into the ball. So next time you are at the diving range or even practicing just in front of the mirror, just stand side arm, turn back, and consider what your right knee and hip are doing. If your right knee and hip are getting too dip and falling back and locking out, taking the body weight to the outside, you’re sacrificing a lot of power. Try and get the feeling that you coil up on the inside of your right leg then you can drive forward generating a lot more power for your down swing. So load up to release with more power.