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It’s all well and good building the nicest prettiest golf swing in the world but if you haven’t got the foundations right, like building a house, if you don’t get the foundations right, the golf swing won't be stable enough and won’t be consistent enough and wont last well enough on the pressure. So the wits of your stance and the position of your feet is really one the first fundamentals that you should take care of. So using my alignment stick, my toll sticks now I'm going to help you get the feet in the right position.

First you just align the club align the stick on the ground here on the left side I place my front foot then against it. I would then like you to measure using your second stick the width of your shoulders, the easiest way to do that place it right across your shoulder and just pop your thumb against it pull it back across your chest and then pop the other thumb against it. That’s now the width of my shoulders. Now that should be the inside width of your feet. A lot of people talk about feet putting your feet shoulder width apart. But they very rarely explain is that your little toes or the big toes, well it should be your big toes. The big toes should be as wide as your shoulders for most of your full iron swings. So that’s how wide my shoulders are apart, that’s how wide my feet should be on the inside there.

I can then take my stick and I can pop it down on the outside of my foot there and then I've got a really nice practice station, before I slide both of those back out of the way a little bit, I'm now in the good width part, I can go ahead and hit my normal golf swings from there. If you wanted to consider how wide your feet should be for any other particular golf shots we can still use this as a basis so that’s how wide my shoulders are, if I'm going to chip and pitch the golf ball I could have my feet slightly narrower. So if you take a measurement from where your foot is, and bring you foot in, the width of the one foot that produces a slightly more stable platform but less powerful.

So I now keep my body weight more centered staying in a narrower stance and I can chip and pitch the ball a little bit shorter. And likewise if you wanted to take a slightly wider stance filled drive or let’s say where you want to wind-up and generate more power just pop our foot the other side of the stick, so putting it over on this side gives me much wider platform encourage me to lean back a little bit more on to my right side and really wind-up and turn through the ball very aggressively.

So your average stance width would be the shoulder width that you have and you get that by measuring with the cane. You then put the canes on the floor and that gives you a nice practice platform to swing from. Slightly now chipping, slightly wide for driving. Hopefully if you get the foundations of your golf swing build correctly, everything else will work really nicely for you.