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Video Transcript

So I want to hit the golf shots out the middle of my iron so what’s the best way of trying that consistency where the ball comes out the middle of the club face and gets that sweetest golf shot which is what all strive for. Well basically, it’s all down to the set up. The set up is the key component here. And in that set up we’ve got five fundamentals I’m actually going to run through with you. The first thing is good alignments. Just putting that club face behind the ball and aim for the target. So again, what we could have set ourselves up. I find most amateur golfers pull the club out have a couple of practice swings maybe chat into the playing partner, and off they putt while they set up to the ball and they’re off. Okay, is that good alignment? Of course it’s not. I just walked up to the ball and looked down there, and it’s really – it’s a hit and miss scenario, we don’t that on the golf course.

Fairways don’t tend to be 300 yards wide, they tend to be very narrow with trees and lakes and so and so forth. So how do you align up?. Most important factors, nobody will have a great swing if they can’t line up. Stand behind the ball, look at where to go to, draw a line from that target back to the ball. So we bringing the flag to a point just in front of the ball, maybe four or six inches. Put the club phase behind the ball first that’s aim. Number two, the grip. Keeping the club still, put your left hand on, there’s a position with the V going between the chin and the right shoulder. Now put your right hand on.

Three, the ball position. The ball position for the irons should be generally in the middle of your stand so just slightly forward, depending on the number of the iron. So seven to sand wedge in the middle, six five four three, it’s a little bit further forward. Four; stance and body alignment. The stance should be the same width as your shoulders, so we’ve got a nice proportion to balance throughout the body. And the feet should run parallel to the club phase at target line. So club phase is going on this line here, my feet run parallel, that you can see is a close set up, and this is an open set up with my feet. So a parallel set up.

And five, posture. Most probably the second most important component for me, I trying to find the middle of that club phase. Posture; how do we get a good posture? When you set yourselves up to the ball, I want you to focus on standing up, bending from the waist, my waist is now forward I’ll just flex my knees slightly. And you can see hope that my waist is down the front of my legs here, towards the balls of my feet. And this is vital in the swing, it’s keeping me over the ball, atop the back swing and more importantly, helping me to hit down and through. Because when we’re hitting irons we don’t want to try and hit up, we want to hit down and through. Let the left of the club do the work.

So, let’s just have a final shot here. Aim, grip, ball position, stance and body alignment and posture. Keeping that weight forward, remember it’s crucial. From here, I want you to focus on hitting the bottom of the ball. So bring that club back, and by hitting down, that ball has gone right up in the air, with the loft of the club. This case is a 7-iron and 40, 42 degrees, the full loft of that club face has come down and has hit down into the bottom of that ball, and the club has done the work. So to find the middle, you’ve now got the answers to your questions.