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Okay, we're going to talk about how to what a fat shot is and how we go about curing it. So what is a fat shot? Some people might call it up a heavy shot. It’s the same thing. It's where we catch the ground too far behind the ball, and there's lots of reasons that, that things can actually cause this. But one of the biggest problems is that as you can imagine as we come into it, we tend to come in a little bit too far behind when we release the club and then we catch the ground behind the ball. So you can imagine hitting the ball so far behind the club hits the ground, starts to decelerate. We've lost the distance. We've lost our accuracy as the club hits the ground too much the club tends to spend so that's what a fat heavy shot is.

The cure is a lot easier than you actually think. What we want you to do is obviously we want you to focus on trying to keep the angle of attack because it was the angle of attack that caused the problem. So a very simple golf tip it's just get a head cover, set yourself upto the ball, and put the head cover down opposite your right foot, okay. Put the ball position in the middle, and from here I want you to hover the club now off the ground, and from here I want you to swing the club back avoiding the head cover, and then from there as we take the club back, swing the club up, and if we can then maintain the angle then the club will come down, and it will come down to where the ball actually is obviously start this without a golf ball and then work your way into the ball.

But if you took the club back and you did what you normally do, and of course you're going to catch the head cover. It was a very, very simple drill to actually identify. You got to cover here. He's making and using it, making it picking the club, and to come down because of the difference of the angle here compared to what caused the problem in the first place when we were releasing the club here too early. Remember this is a massive fault of golfers, massive fault. It's all about angle of attack. So a very simple tip put the head cover down there go and work on this. I don't think you got to take too long to solve this problem out, and if you do struggle go and see a PGA Pro that's what he's there for.