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Okay, so the question how can I stop topping golf shots? Well, the answer is to keep that body weight forward, drive that body weight forward into the ball. So topping; topping is basically coming in and hitting the top half of the golf ball and when we do that, we are forcing the ball down, it’s going to go low, bouncing all over the place, there’s no control. And of course you’re going to lose enormous distance there because you want to get the ball up in the air. So that’s what a Top is.

What causes it is quite a few different things, but then let’s just touch on a couple. The first thing is when we come into the ball, is the most common one, is as we come into it where the body leans back foot to impact when you lean back. And as we lean back you can see I’m almost trying to lift the ball up into the air. Of course when you are topping you’ve got your confidence level, it’s not here but it’s down here, so you try just about anything to get that ball up in the air. So you end up going back and trying to lift that ball up in the air. So your body leans back, the hands are trying to lift the ball up in the air, and your body weight is on this leg, the opposite foot to where it should be an impact, so that’s what causes topping.

So, a very simple exercise to put this right because we got just to try and teach you now to hit down and through. So remember when you played those tops, everything was on your back foot, we’ve got to drive ourselves down into the ball. So if I say to you, “Set yourself up.” So on here you can see this white line, I’m going to focus, I’m going to practice swing here, concentrating on hitting down and through. So my backswing goes back and as it comes through, I’m going to keep my weight forward on my left side. So as I like come down, you can see I’m actually concentrated on now hitting down into the ball. So you can see that weight is here on the left side and I’m going to drive down to that area, down and through.

So that’s where we’re going to change, the change in the arm. Remember the arm before it was down here lifting up in the air. So, we go to the ball simple exercise, very, very simple. Put the ball down, put a couple of tee pegs, like a little gateway there and we want you to hit the ball here and we want you to hit through.

Now you could actually put this tee peg, you might be putting that tee peg into the ground where you just got it into the ground, two inches in front of the ball. As you hit down, as you push the tee peg down rather, that’s where end all my here, we’re going to lie our tee pegs down. But what we are going to do here is focus now. And as we bring the club back down to the ball, I want you to focus very, very hard on hit driving the weight forward.

So it’s going to feel a little bit as if your hips are kind of moving slightly to the left hand side, because remember you are there. Okay, so keep reminding me where you were but, from there let’s bring that molds. Get yourself over the ball, here we go, swing that club back and the weight forward. You can see one of the tee pegs is gone flying, the ball’s gone nice and high, the weight is on that left-hand side and the more important, no topping.